LabMedia Partners is dedicated to the clinical laboratory industry. Our team of experts listens to the feedback of laboratory professionals and focuses on the needs within your industry.

LabMedia Partners brings 20 years of industry specific knowledge to the laboratory testing vertical market. We deliver technology driven solutions based on proven, automated, and unmatched verification processes. Our clients receive the industry's highest levels of quality assurance for specimen and document tracking. Our solutions range from traditional paper based bar coded requisitions and labels through fully electronic break-through technologies.

Accuracy is important in any business, but in the laboratory industry it is critical. A duplicate or mismatched barcode on a document or label can negatively impact a personís life and damage the brand of your laboratory. At LabMedia Partners,we recognize that a specimen is more than just a barcode, itís a life.

As a result, we have implemented Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS6). QAS6incorporates technology, ANSI/ISO standards, and 6 Sigma practices to create a quality control culture. With QAS6, you will reduce errors and gain efficiencies.

Fast. Accurate. Automated.