The Lab Audit Process

The Lab Audit Process is often our first step with a new client. It helps us to better understand your business and identify your unique Critical Customer Requirements (CCR). LabMedia Partners works with your team to deliver a product that meets your expectations. As a 6 sigma company we are trained to identify risk before a problem occurs. Once we understand your business we will work with you to identify areas for improvement, providing a greater control over your documentation and labeling process.

The Lab Audit Process continues as our business relationship grows. After the initial audit we determine key areas to track and agree on a method of measuring the results. By collecting data over the life cycle of your mission critical documents we create a data driven tool that allows us to recognize opportunity for sustainable improvements. Our commitment to maintain a quality control culture often results in a defined document and labeling strategy, more efficient workflow, and significant cost savings. To learn more about our quality control culture visit our Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS6).

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