Bar Code Consulting:

Barcode Training: LabMedia Partners offers many barcode training and consulting services. For over 15 years, our experience has allowed our customers to take advantage of customized training sessions with topics ranging from Standards for Barcodes, Compliance Labeling, and ISBT 128 Compliance.

Barcode Consulting: Our experts are available to consult with clients to troubleshoot ongoing problems with existing barcode systems. LabMedia's Partners' professionals can also offer purchasing assistance to help ensure businesses invest in barcode technology that will yield the optimum ROI.

Barcode Evaluation: Send your barcodes to LabMedia Partners for verification / grading.

Barcode Label Development and Printing: LabMedia Partners has the tools to develop customized barcode cryogenic labels and other customized bar code labels in various barcode formats and label sizes. By reviewing the project plan or protocol, LabMedia Partners can offer suggestions to improve control over study tubes and forms. Patient specific barcode systems can be created by using randomized numbers or by using pre-assigned numbers generated from our clients' information management system. LabMedia Partners is also capable of producing aliquot specific labels to be used for pharmacokinetic studies and other projects that require the generation of timed multiple splits. Based on specific customer requirements, LabMedia Partners can either pre-apply the cryogenic labels to the tubes at the time of kit assembly, or include them in the kit for the site coordinator to apply at the time of specimen collection.