CCF Custody and Control Forms:

Like any mission critical document, your Drug Testing Custody and Control Forms CCF's play an intricate role in your drug testing process. LabMedia Partners has provided CCF forms for more than 20 years, developing industry proven specifications to ensure your CCF forms perform flawlessly throughout their useful lifecycle. Our team takes an active role in the specs of the materials used throughout the manufacturing process. The level of detail managed by LabMedia Partners for materials includes the designation of paper by brand and weight, high performance label adhesive formulae, moisture and smudge resistant barcode ink, protective varnishes and proper packaging and carton labeling.

The material specifications are just the first step to ensure you receive a quality product. Our unique Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS6) reduce the risk of errors during the manufacturing process. 100% camera verification eliminates the opportunity for duplicated numbering and confirms that your CCF form contains conforming barcodes, both significant problems laboratories are faced with.

(QAS6) incorporates technology, ANSI/ISO standards, and 6 Sigma practices to create a quality control culture that equips you with a competitive advantage. LabMedia Partners offers the information and tools to react quickly to clients requests, required regulatory form changes, and defensible litigation needs. 24/7 access to detailed reports, version tracking, and a collaborative proofing tool are just a few benefits of our Asset Management Tool. Call us today to learn more about additional features that can help you manage your CCF custody and control forms.