Laboratory Consent Forms:

The consent forms used to request laboratory testing are designed to provide clear and concise information to both the patient and the lab technicians. LabMedia Partners understand the importance of your consent form and has developed solutions designed with you in mind. As a 6 sigma company we do more than correct a problem after it occurs. Instead our team analysis each step increasing efficiencies and reducing your risk of problems before they occur. We take pride in delivering the industry's highest levels of quality assurance for consent forms and other specimen tracking products. Our Quality Assurance Solution (QAS6) combines technology, ANSI/ISO standards, and 6 Sigma practices to ensure you receive a quality product.

Our knowledgeable staff takes an active role in managing your mission critical consents forms. We are dedicated to the laboratory industry and have experience in a variety of lab markets, including Pain Management, Insurance, and Clinical Trials. Partners strive to understand the purpose of each consent form so we can work with your team to optimize your forms performance. We specify the materials needed for your consent to perform without error throughout its lifecycle.

Laboratories are often faced with a implementing complex changes as a result of regulatory requirements, process changes or cost saving initiatives. No matter what your reason is for implementing a change to your consent form, we can help. Our Asset Management Tool is designed for your team to collaborate quickly and accurately. By centralizing your team's communication to one location, you eliminate rounds of unnecessary proofing saving you time and money. Partners empowers your staff to have access to the information you need to react quickly to client request, defensible litigation inquires, or other internal questions - giving you a competitive advantage over your competition.