Federal Drug Toxicology Screening:

LabMedia Partners helps our clients fulfill their Federal documentation obligations established by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (HHS/SAMHSA) regarding testing conducted for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs.

The law requires millions of federal employees to be tested each year. Your drug testing forms are an essential tool used to administer these necessary tests. A laboratory is responsible for providing accurate drug testing forms at a competitive price. LadMedia Partners offers an economies of scale pricing structure, providing laboratories the flexibility to stay in budget while implementing changes to these complex drug testing forms.

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Partners produces the Federal Drug Testing Forms with unmatched levels of quality standards which differ from other consent form providers. An unmatched camera verification technology and unique combination of 6 Sigma practices and ANSI/ISO manufacturing standards ensures that the risk of error is reduced. These steps taken to provide quality control are a part of our comprehensive program we call QAS6. Explore the QAS6 advantages and read how our manufacturing protects Clinical Labs and adds another layer of integrity to your chain of custody testing protocol.