Imager Labels:

Imager labels are used as an identifier to ensure the accuracy of matching a patient's specimen to that person. The chemicals that an imager label encounters while being processed requires a unique set of specifications. LabMedia Partners offers a variety of Immunohistochemistry (IHC) resistant labels.

Our team works with you to select the product that fits your needs.

Imager Labels are produced with the same quality control standards incorporated into all of our barcoded products. We work with you to ensure that your slide labels are compatible with ThinPrep or SurePath imager systems and you receive consistent and accurate scans throughout the process.
Barcode / Imager Combo Labels are available for laboratories that require additional automation while processing each specimen. The barcode can be produced in multiple symbologies.
2 Part Blank Imager labels offer you the freedom to print your labels within your laboratory. The imprint is protected by a fold over laminate ultimately making the label Xylene resistant.
Colored Imager labels add an additional level of organization within a laboratory. By incorporating color you provide a clear identifier that can be used in the laboratory workflow.

LabMedia Partners recognizes that each imager label represents more than just a specimen. As a 6 sigma company, we have implemented product specifications that help protect your brand, your client, and the patient. Contact us to discover how we can help.