Insurance & Wellness Testing:

Reduce unbudgeted cost due to unexpected form changes. Many of your clients requests custom consent documents, as well as a demand to have authorship control over these documents. Implementing these verbiage changes correctly can often mean incurring expensive partial runs of an outdated version of a requisition, until requested changes can be implemented on a larger run. LabMedia Partners eliminates these consequential costs by incorporating a unique pricing structure utilizing economies of scale.

Add value to your clients with Partners' unique Quality Assurance Solutions(QAS6). QAS6 incorporates technology, ANSI/ISO standards, and 6 Sigma practices to create a quality control culture. With QAS6, you can work with your clients confidently.

Effectively manage and facilitate consent documentation changes with our Asset Management Tool. Partners' uses leading edge technologies to effectively manage and facilitate consent documentation changes. Our ability to quickly execute requested changes by a Lab's client or mandatory regulated changes handed down by CAP (College of American Pathologist) ensure that your mission critical documents are compliant within the shortest amount of time. By using the Asset Management Tool, we help our Lab clients provide better customer services to their insurance customers. Partners has the ability to manage complex changes accurately and in a timely manner like no other document provider in the industry.