Laboratory Internal Specimen Loss Prevention Solutions

Specimen tests results need to be turned around fast and accurately. Once specimen samples are brought into the testing lab, labs are under pressure to report timely results. In fact, labs routinely promise to have accurate lab results turnaround within 24-48 hours. It is in this stage of laboratory accessioning where laboratories incur their highest risk for losing specimens. Lab Packages containing blood and urine specimen samples are couriered to the labs by UPS or FedEx trucks. As the Lab Packs are opened up to access both the consent paper work and the specimen sample test tubes, trash and debris from the Lab packs gather in large piles around the staging area making it easy to accidently discard a specimen. In essence, it becomes analogous to looking for a needle in a haystack ó wasting company resources and possible causing delays in the testing process.

When incidence of loss occurs, many members of a labís management team spend time having to explain to an individual, TPA or Insurance company why a personís test result was not processed. At this point----the lab and itsí management assume the responsibility for the specimenís loss, ultimately effecting the integrity of your lab. In addition, a new specimen sample would need to be collected for retesting, creating an awkward client interaction especially within a toxicology business unit. LabMedia Partners can decrease the risk of internal specimen loss and provide a measurable tool that eliminates the question of whether or not the specimen was lost within your lab.

LabMedia Partners can give your laboratory choices regarding how to create a standard operating procedure to assist you in reducing the probability that a specimen might be lost within your operations. Partners will sit down with your laboratory team and understand your accessioning workflow to determine whether or not our an internal specimen loss detection solution is a fit for your laboratory.

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