Laboratory Markets Served:

Federal Drug Toxicology Screening:

LabMedia Partners helps our clients fulfill their Federal documentation obligations established by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (HHS/SAMHSA) regarding testing conducted for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs.

Partners produces the Federal Consent and Control Form (CCF) with the highest levels of quality which differ from other consent form providers. Partners produces CCFs and other laboratory consent documents with unmatched camera verification technology, which is part of our comprehensive program we call QAS. Explore the QAS advantages and read how our manufacturing protects Clinical Labs and adds another layer of integrity to your chain of custody testing protocol.

Non-Federal Drug Testing:

Some of our Clinical Lab clients offer private testing workplace program options to employers directly or through Third Party Administrators (TPA/s), who manage large company pre-employment drug screening programs. Let Partners help provide the same quality assurances for your Non-Federal CCF chain of custody documentation. Partners' QAS protocols ensure that your Non-Federal CCF documents will stand up to court challenges. QAS can provide important documentation to help you prove the integrity of your systems.

Today's business climate demands that Labs leverage business partnerships to deliver the maximum ROI possible. Inquire on how you can outsource your consent form "Set-Up" to LabMedia Partners. At Partners we can:

  • Eliminate unnecessary freight and distribution handling costs associated with CCF's documents
  • Eliminate expensive costs associated with the maintenance of an In-house print equipment and the staffing resources needed to facilitate the "overprinting" of both Federal and Non-Federal CCF documents
  • Speed turnaround time on rollouts of large pre-employment projects, which are often time sensitive and drain valuable resources

We understand the process and can offer a better option to make an impact in your operational profitability. If special kitting and fulfillment is needed on special Non-Federal projects, you can feel confident that outsourcing these services will be handled perfectly.

Laboratory Insurance Testing:

The demands of Insurance clients can be challenging. Many of your insurance clients request custom consent documents, as well as a demand to have authorship control over the documents. Implementing these verbiage changes correctly can often mean the difference between incurring expensive partial runs of an old template, until requested changes can be communicated and implemented on a larger run, which result in lower production costs due to manufacturing economies of scale.

As a personal service to our Lab clients, Partners' uses leading edge technologies to effectively manage and facilitate consent documentation changes. Our ability to quickly execute requested changes by a Lab's client or mandatory regulated changes handed down by CAP (College of American Pathologist) ensure that your mission critical documents are compliant within the shortest amount of time. By using Partners' communications technology, we help our Lab clients provide better customer services to their insurance customers. Partners has the ability to manage complex changes accurately and in a timely manner like no other document provider in the industry.

Clinical Trials:

Managing Clinical Trials documentation needs can be complex. Investigational drug development merits the highest level of accuracy, efficiency and understanding from document providers. The dynamic relationships between Pharmaceutical companies, CRO's and Laboratories demands that you have a print management partner who can help you interface with interrelated organizations within the clinical trials marketplace.

From time sensitive study sponsor Case Report Forms (CRF's), to patient monitoring documents designed with complex bar coded, visit specific protocol requisition forms, having the right printing partner to output these time sensitive and complex documents can have a meaningful positive impact on the study.

LabMedia Partners has taken the time to understand the changing marketplace and how future technology could impact these relationships. Partners possesses the technology and expertise to interface with your IT staff and LIM systems to manage all of your traditional documentation needs. Electronic Data Capture promises to impact the way data is collected from study participants. Partners can offer insight and guidance into 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solutions. Contact us to get started on assessing the advantages of what an EDC digital pen paperless solution has to offer.

Laboratory Labeling:

Partners has the expertise and support to help Clinical Labs manage their internal laboratory labeling operations. Whether a Lab calls for pre-printed labels, RFID technology or an entire label print on demand solution, Partners has the experience to deliver a solution that fits the unique needs of your laboratory operations.