Numbers Management:

A laboratory is required to have a successful specimen tracking system. An error in sequential numbers could result in major consequences, damaging the integrity of your lab. LabMedia Partners works with you to reduce your risk of any errors within your sequential numbers and to give you the tools to respond quickly with accurate information when needed. LabMedia Partners incorporates 6 sigma practices when administering sequential numbers. Our procedures incorporate several layers of checks and balances, often catching transposed or duplicate numbers that occur during the order entry process.

During the manufacturing process we track and verify the sequential numbers, confirming your order is accurate when delivered. Detailed packing lists and reports document the contents of each carton, making it easy for you to isolate client specific concerns.

Partners manages the sequential numbers from order to order as well as form to form, alerting you of any potential problems. We recognize the importance of sequential numbers and possess the tools to maintain accurate numbering. Contact us to learn more information on how we are processes can protect your brand.