Pain Medication Compliance Testing:

Pain Medication Compliance Testing is a growing market for many laboratories. Accompanying this opportunity for clinical laboratories requires additional regulations and risks. LabMedia Partners has solutions to help you mitigate these risks.

Laboratory violations of HIPPA compliance policy in Pain Management testing can carry fines high as $10,000--per incident. In addition to becoming HIPPA compliant, labs now have to navigate the strict rules of governance by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS). Improperly numbered pain management forms, or mismatched barcodes are often the reason for these costly fines violation. LabMedia Partners will collaborate with your Pain Management team to design your critical documents. Our expertise in the manufacturing process will help you reduce your risk and maintain a high quality form that will comply with the strict regulations that govern your industry.

Minimize your risk due to quality issues. LabMedia Partners unique manufacturing requirements for your Pain Management Forms employs camera view verification technology which matches, and grades, all the barcodes printed on the form. The ANSI/ISO manufacturing standards, combined with our 6 Sigma business practices eliminate errors. Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS6) protects your laboratory from costly HIPPA violations and fines in this highly regulated market. Explore the QAS6 advantages and read how our quality control processes protects your laboratory's brand and adds another layer of integrity to your specimen tracking supply chain.

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