Pathology Testing:

The Pathology market is accustomed to detecting abnormalities within specimens using the most recent developments in technology. However, any abnormalities that affect your testing processes are acceptable. LabMedia Partners ensures that your pathology requisitions and Xylene resistant slide labels are produced in a controlled environment. Our unique Quality Assurance Solutions (QAS6) incorporates technology, ANSI/ISO standards, and 6 Sigma practices to create a quality control culture that is incorporated in all aspects of order handling.

We offer a variety of solutions specifically designed for the pathology industry. The solutions were based on input from your peers and verified through research and testing. We offer barcoded and non-barcoded requisitions as well as a wide range Immunohistochemistry (IHC) resistant slide labels.

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Your mission critical labels are complex, facing unique challenges during specimen processing. We focus on all aspects of the label and work closely with your team to ensure the labels are compatible with your imaging system and last throughout its lifecycle.