LabMedia Partners has over 20 years experience in developing industry proven specifications to ensure these mission critical requisitions perform flawlessly throughout the lifecycle of their use. The level of quality controls implemented in our Quality Assurances Solutions (QAS6) manufacturing process ultimately ensures that the bar codes on the vials will read properly on all testing instruments, providing our clients with a competitive advantage. LabMedia Partners takes an active role in production process by designating of the materials used throughout the manufacturing process.

  • Paper by brand and weight
  • High performance label adhesive
  • Moisture and smudge resistant ink
  • Optimum packaging solutions
Our quality control culture does not end with product specifications. Our knowledgeable staff continues to educate themselves with laboratory specific technology in order to support your growing needs. We take pride in reacting quickly to your requests. Our unique technology offers 24/7 access to the necessary details to manage your laboratory consumables.

Fast. Accurate. Automated.