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A message to our future Laboratory Customers

By Steve Palma

First, thank you for visiting our website.

LabMedia Partners was founded after I had experienced frustrations while working for large organizations whose management cared more about becoming bigger than focusing on what truly was best for the customer. The past decade has seen massive consolidations and acquisitions in the printing marketplace. These events produced awkward billing systems, automated phone attendants, company owned and outdated manufacturing plants, weak balance sheets and an inability to serve the customers' best interests. Having come from that culture, I held out hope that there had to be a better way to serve the market I had spent most of my time understanding and servicing—clinical laboratories.

We have assembled a team that now has over 22 years experience in understanding clinical laboratory operations. You are working with a group of individuals who understand the lab business—your business! We are people who understand that bar-codes are not just numbers. Like our lab clients, LabMedia Partners also shares the same values---as stated by the College of American Pathologists, “Every Number is a Life”—we provide the quality assurance behind every bar-code number labeled on a specimen vial.

Laboratories have niche printing needs which require understanding and services that surpass an ordinary printing company. LabMedia Partners is a 6 Sigma company--exclusively dedicated to the Clinical Lab market.

The mission of LabMedia Partners is simple: to be Fast, Accurate, Automated, Easy to business with and—eliminate risk of errors within the specimen tracking process. We provide solutions for our clients needing high-risk/high-value bar-coded products. We create these solutions by understanding the operational requirements of each of our laboratory customers, aligning ourselves with their business objectives, and listening intently to the changing needs of your operations.

Our focus on this vertical market allows us to be proactive instead of reactive; allows us to be leaders instead of followers. We possess the knowledge, process controls and outsourcing partnerships to service the needs of our Clinical Lab customers as no other supplier can. Please call or email our team to today so we can listen to your needs and to learn how LabMedia Partners can improve the integrity your specimen tracking supply chain.

Steve Palma, Director of Laboratory Solutions
LabMedia Partners
cell phone: 816.377.7319
skype: labmediapartners